Employee Security, Inc. ESI Flexible Benefits

Flexible Benefit Plans, also know as Cafeteria Plan and Section 125 Plans (for the section of the IRS Code that defines these plans) are a valuable way for employees to reduce the cost of purchasing fringe benefits by paying for these benefits on a pre-tax basis. Among the types of benefits that can be purchased are your employer's group health plans, including medical, dental and vision insurance. In addition, the law allows you to set up flexible spending accounts (FSA's) to pay for unreimbursed health care expenses and dependent care expenses.

Employee Security, Inc., (ESI) is a specialist in the administration of these plans. We will help custom design a plan for your company, complete with enrollment and claim forms and communication pieces for your employees. In addition, we have on-line access for employees to enroll and monitor their coverage under the plan.

Current participants in flex plans administered by ESI can login and view the status of their enrollment, their claims, and retrieve plan descriptions and forms.

If you are looking for information regarding other ESI administered benefit plans (e.g., medical, dental, vision plans, etc.), please visit www.ESIClaims.com